Smart TV with TV box Android

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The popularity of smart TVs is growing every day. But is it necessary to spend a lot of money for a modern TV? Today we want to introduce you to a new device which eliminates the need of a smart TV - this Android TV box with price of only 40 USD.

Android TV box

This little device is actually a mini computer with 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, H3 Quad-Core, WiFi, HDMI. So, your LCD Tv needs just a HDMI input and it becomes smart right away. The good news is that the TV box Android is very cheap which means that you will save a lot and still will be able to enjoy the smart options on your regular TV.

If you want to view your pictures and videos on a big screen, but you cané find and easy way to connect your smartphone or tablet with the TV, then you need an Android TV stick. It's only purpose is to provide you with a handy connection between your mobile device and TV, so you can view your photos on a bigger screen. It's important to know the price of Android TV stick and TV box Android. For your convenience there's an online shop where you can find these devices at a very low price.